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Taking quality digital photos with your camera

2009-04-16 13:55:41

We are all not professional photographers, and nor to we have to be.  Here are some very useful tips that you should keep in mind when shooting photographs.

1. Make sure you take a picture of what you want.  What I mean by that is, you need to zoom in on what your subjects are.  Too many times, users take photos of a whole scene, when all they really want was a photo of their subject. 

2. Shoot your photos in good lighting when available.  Sunlight is the best.  If it's dark out, then you must use a flash, but try to avoid taking far away shots when using a flash.  The light of the flash rarely gets to your subject.  Low light usually creates a lot of noise in the photos (graininess).

3. Nowadays, most cameras have resolution of 3-14 megapixels.  Always use a minumum of 3MP, but preferably, shoot at the 5-6MP or higher when available.  Low resolution images are good for just web pages and emails.  Anything that you plan to reproduce should always be shot at the highest resolution available.

4. Make sure your camera is set for highest quality when saving.  High quality JPGs are fine.  Raw format is the best, but use up more memory. ony allows JPG files, so please make sure they are the maximum quality prior to uploading.

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