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What is is the ultimate source for custom artwork. We enable the novice to produce high quality artwork, just like limited edition artists do. We offer many online designs to suit almost any vision!
2004-11-23 00:00:00
What kind of quality are your products?
Our products use the same technology as the best limited edition artists use. You will be amazed at the quality of the artwork when you see it in person.
2004-11-24 00:00:00
How do I send you my image?
We prefer that you have a digital file to start. If you do not have a digital file, we offer a mail-in service, where you can send your photos to us and we can scan them in for you.
2005-02-17 05:00:00
I like the online designs, but I want to change one of the designs to have 6 pictures instead of 5, is this possible?
If you do not see a design that fits your need, you can do one of two things. 1) You can send us your idea using the 'Suggestion' page on our website. We usually add designs every week. 2) You can use our premium design section. We have designers ready to work on your idea.
2005-02-17 05:00:00
Where are your prices?
Our prices are shown in the products/pricing page. Just click on product and a new window will display pricing as well as a more detailed description. Prices are determined by type of product (canvas, fine art, framed or unframed, etc) not by the type of design. If you proceed with a design, just go to the ordering page once it is completed and you will see all the possible sizes for that product along with the prices.
2002-04-20 05:00:00
How long does it take for one of my online design orders to arive at my door? needs up to 3 days to finish producing your artwork. We ship as soon as the artwork is done using the shipping method that you choose in the checkout section.
2002-11-20 05:00:00
When I try to use the cropping tool, I can not see my picture?
Some users have found that Norton Antivirus seems to have a problem with cropping tool. You can disable your Norton Antivirus software during the session on our site. Another possible causes is that your computer may not have Javascript enabled. If you go into Internet Tools on your browser, then go to security, then to custom level, towards the bottom of the list there should be Javascript, make sure it is enabled.
2005-02-17 05:00:00
Can I make designs without having to keep uploading each time?
Yes, near the browse button on the upload page, there is a link for CHOOSE PREVIOUS UPLOADS. This link will display your last 100 uploaded files within a 30 day span.
2005-02-17 05:00:00
Some pictures produce a really good design, and then sometimes others do not. Why is that?
The most common reason that some pictures do not produce good output is because your images may lack contrast. If you upload very dark images or very light images, or very washed out images, some designs will not work well. Try to use images that are clean and crisp and bright.
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Can I see a sample of what your canvas looks like?
Sure. We are happy to send a sample piece to show off our quality. Just email our sales team on the CONTACT US page with your full name and address, and we will send out a sample for you.
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Why is my image dark on screen? and have little detail?
If you upload an image that has poor lighting, low contrast and blurry or dark, then will have a hard time producing a quality image. You must use images that are clear, good contrast (blacks are dark, whites are bright) in order to get good quality.
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I am using a mac with the safari browser, I am having trouble with parts of the website. Is there something I can do?
We are working on fixes for the safari browser. Our next version of photofiddle will be more compatible with this browser. Try using internet explorer for the mac, most users have much better luck with that.
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Does Photofiddle ship to Canada or other countries?
Yes we can. The problem we have found is that certain sizes (the larger sizes) are expensive to ship. We ask that users from other countries outside the US, to give us your address, size of the artwork (and product: art print, canvas, stretched or framed) and we can give you a custom shipping quote.
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