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Create a photo collage with your digital photographs?
photo collage software photo collage
Want more photos?
Create a collage with unlimited photographs.  Just drag your completed collage design into a new template.
picture collage template
Looking how to create a photo collage online?  Our website let's you a make your photo fast & easily.  Just choose the template, select your photos and our online collage program will do the rest.    Our photo collage maker software makes is as easy as dropping and dragging each picture.    A Photofiddle collage is great for gifts, room decorating and preserving your memories. 
Choose from many different  custom photo collage designs.  
• Heart Collage
• 6 Picture Collage
• 9 Photos Montage
4 Box Collage
• 13 Photograph Colage
• 23 Pic Collage
• Unlimited photo collages
• New Collage templates being added all the time